Abandoned boat in Ala Wai to be impounded as lawmakers address homeless camps along streams

An abandoned boat filled with junk in the Ala Wai Canal is expected to be impounded Wednesday.

Residents say it’s been in the canal for nearly a week. Before that, it was floating in a stream in the McCully area.

According to a city spokesman, the state Department of Land and Natural Resources is in charge of the Ala Wai Canal, and state crews are expected to take action.

Meanwhile, there’s a bigger push to clear streams from safety hazards.

Honolulu City Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi says she’s been receiving complaints about homeless setting up camp along streams in her district. She’s pushing legislation to try and solve the problem.

“We have many complaints from neighbors people who live alongside these streams specially with her little ditches that there are homeless people living down there and there’s a flash flood in a couple instances the neighbors want to go down and rescue people were down there,” said Kobayashi.

The city says it’s reviewing the legislation, but it has supported similar legislation in the past.

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