Donors come together to provide Kalihi man with new wheelchairs

A Kalihi man’s plea for help has been answered.

Raymond Tavita suffers from spina bifida, a birth defect in which his spinal cord didn’t develop like it normally should.

His brother had given him a wheelchair, which he says changed his life.

Tavita says he left his wheelchair in the downstairs laundry room of his house in Kalihi, which is unlocked, and someone stole it.

While he hasn’t gotten it back, members of the community have stepped in to help.

Now, Tavita has not one, but two wheelchairs to get around.

Aloha Kia and TheCab pitched in to buy one wheelchair, and a Waianae resident donated the other.

“Honestly, when my wheelchair was stolen, I was devastated. I was at a loss for words,” Tavita said. “Just to come into something like this, to see this, it’s amazing. It’s truly amazing and I’m very blessed and thankful for it.”

Tavita says they’ll help him get to Waikiki, where he performs magic every Friday.

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