What’s Poppin’ with Primo Popcorn

Don’t like Blue Cheese, never tried it? Well you gotta try Primo Popcorn’s Blue Moon because you’re going to love what Chef Ry has done with this creamy blue cheese.  He’s known to have a magic wand in his kitchen and he certainly used it on this limited edition once again!   .

And in the desert department, it’s all about Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate!  It’s not only a woman’s best friend but it seems everyone has fallen head of heels with our Chocolate Kustard.  It’s rich … it’s creamy and sooo yummy to the tummy!

And our this week’s Pidgin Overdrive T-shirt is “SHOOOOTS”.  So many ways to use this one …. “Shoots dat ting not working”.  “Shoooots that taste gooood!”   Whatever or however you use it we got it on a Tshirt!   Shoooots now that’s awesome!   Shooots just another from Pidgin Overdrive!

Come see all that we have at 120 Sand Island Access Road or click and shop at


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