‘World’s Largest Bounce House’ unfurled in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE, WI (WISN) — Get ready to jump around in the ‘World’s Largest Bounce House.’

The massive inflatable castle is set up along Milwaukee’s lakefront for a 3 day event.

Two guys from Scotland with a big vision set out to build the world’s largest bounce house.

“It takes…there’s 28 blowers used,” Cameron Craig explains. “The big inflatable comes in 5 sections, so the guys have to roll out. It’s like a big jigsaw basically that you need to get right first time.”

Craig and Grahme Furgeson have built the 32-foot high, giant inflated castle.

From WISN’s helicopter you can see the 10-thousand square feet of fun, set up just north of Bradford Beach, Wisconsin.

The Scots spent two years researching, then had it built in Cleveland. Now they’re ready to take their show on the road.

15 dates across America, and Milwaukee is stop number 2.

  • Grand Rapids, MI – July 2017
  • Milwaukee, WI – Aug 2017
  • Colorado Springs, CO – Aug 2017
  • Boise, ID – Aug 2017
  • Spokane, WA – Aug 2017
  • Portland, OR – Sep 2017
  • Sacramento CA – Sep 2017
  • Tri-Cities, WA – Sep 2017
  • Fresno, CA – Sep 2017
  • Bakersfield, CA – Sept/Oct 2017
  • San Diego, CA – Oct 2017
  • El Paso, TX – Oct 2017
  • San Antonio, TX – Oct 2017
  • Houston, TX – Oct 2017
  • Tallahassee, FL – Nov 2017

“We have an obstacle course. We have some slides. There’s basketball hoops. There’s really so much going on and it’s a whole lot of fun,” Craig said.

Now if Milwaukee can just get rid of the Scotland type weather so everyone can jump around.

Tickets range in price from $12 to $39, depending on the time and package.

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