Ask a Specialist: What You Need to Know to Prevent Spinal Cord Injury

Before you get into the water, before you start up the car, here’s what you need to know to prevent spinal cord injuries.  Get important safety tips with Cora Rillero Speck, Trauma Injury Prevention and Research Coordinator at The Queen’s Medical Center, in this segment of Ask a Specialist on Wake Up 2day.


To learn more about preventing spinal cord injuries, especially for keiki, call the Queen’s Trauma Injury Prevention Program at 691-7059.  You can also request a speaker to come and talk to your organization by filling out the request form found here:


If you want to learn more about spinal cord injury prevention or services for those living with an injury, you can also contact the Department of Health – Neurotrauma Support Services at 733-2155.


To learn more about keeping kids riding rear-facing in car seats, call the Queen’s Referral Line to make a free appointment with a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.  Call 691-7117.

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