Custom trailer stolen from voyaging academy recovered in Waimanalo

A Windward Oahu school has recovered a key piece of equipment after it was stolen from a lot in Kaneohe Bay.

Kanehunamoku Voyaging Academy asked the public for help after a custom, bright yellow flatbed trailer used to transport its double-hull canoe was stolen last Thursday.

We first told you about the theft Tuesday night. The 30-foot-long, 8-foot-wide trailer was made specifically for the canoe, which is used to teach students traditional wayfinding techniques.

On Wednesday morning, school officials tell KHON2 they received a call from police that the trailer was found on Kumuhau Street in Waimanalo.

“We’re so happy we got the trailer back, but unfortunately, there is some damages,” said Rusty Oppenheimer. “Some of the wire harness was ripped off. They were already starting to pull a lot of the deck panels off as well as they painted most of the trailer, I guess to give it a different look so it wasn’t as obvious.”

Repairs will need to be made before the trailer can be put back in use and could cost the school $1,000.

Despite that, Oppenheimer said, “We’re just so thankful for the community out there, our whole group of people supporting each other, working together to help us get our trailer back.”

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