Is Hawaii prepared for a nuclear attack?

North Korea’s claim that it has a detailed plan to launch ballistic missiles toward the U.S. Pacific Territory of Guam, a major military hub and home to U.S. bombers, has many in Hawaii concerned about what to do if the state was ever a target of an attack.

This morning on Wake Up 2day, Vern Miyagi, Hawaii Emergency Management Agency administrator joined us in studio to talk about our emergency plans and preparedness. Miyagi says a 15-kiloton device in Honolulu is not a good thing obviously and it’s something that we have not trained for other than some small devices for that anti-terrorism things. He reminded everyone that a fallout shelter isn’t a blast shelter, but can it protect you from the radioactive material and debris from an explosion. Miyagi says the time from missile launch to impact is anywhere between 12 minutes to 20 minutes or under 20 minutes, “so again we have to get ahead of it people need to know where they are going to go ahead of time. ”

Later today, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency and the City will conduct at siren testing at Hoopili development near Kualakai parkway. Miyagi says folks shouldn’t be alarmed – it is only a test.

The new Hoopili development siren is part of an effort to improve Statewide outdoor warning coverage. New developers are required to establish outdoor warning siren coverage for public safety with no present coverage. This is a requirement set forth by the Land Use Commission.

Residents nearby may hear the siren sound six to eight times for 30-second to one-minute intervals during the identified time frame. Testing will include short blasts known as “burps.” During the tests, emergency management officials and technicians will check that installation work on this siren has been completed properly.

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