Impacts to Oahu’s bus system as company deals with driver shortage

It’s been more than a year since we first told you about a staffing shortage within Oahu’s bus system.

It has led to drivers working overtime, and concerns about safety.

So has the situation gotten any better?

Right now there are 910 drivers on the payroll for TheBus. While that may seem like a lot, more are needed. There are 40 more drivers needed to be exact.

Ralph Faufata, Vice President of Transportation with OTS, says it’s an issue TheBus is working to correct, “Once in a while we get really short and we have to cancel a few runs but that is been kept to a minimum because we also have our bus operators work on overtime.”

Because of losing drivers throughout the year, each year the bus’s goal is to hire 120 new drivers, right now.

Faufata says the shortage of drivers is leading to increased overtime costs and what he calls minimal disruption in service. “Basically sometimes we will have to shorten a route or not let quite as many passengers out on a route but we always move busses around to make sure we have coverage to make sure we can service the public.”

TheBus is looking for drivers with or without a commercial drivers license. Without one, training time jumps up by a time of about three weeks.

For more information on jobs with TheBus, click here.


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