Investigation underway after Hawaii island inmate tries to escape

An internal investigation is underway after an inmate at Hawaii Community Correctional Center tried to escape.

It happened at around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

According to the Hawaii Department of Public Safety, Keanu Krause tried to escape by scaling a perimeter fence as he was being escorted to his housing unit.

Correctional officers reacted quickly to get him down off the fence and restrain him. Krause was evaluated by medical staff for some minor abrasions.

A temporary lockdown was initiated and then lifted about an hour later.

“The staff’s immediate response to the situation prevented an escape,” said Public Safety director Nolan Espinda. “I commend them for their quick reaction and a job well done.”

Krause is awaiting trial on Theft 2, Burglary 2, Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle and Unauthorized Entry into a Motor Vehicle.

An attempted escape charge is being filed with the Hawaii Police Department.

Krause is a community custody detainee, which is the lowest custody level.

Officials say all inmates at HCCC are escorted by correctional officers within the secured perimeter in accordance to their custody level.

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