Senator Mazie Hirono on North Korea and updates us on her health

The U.S. Senate is in recess and that means many of our congressional leaders have returned to their homes but that doesn’t mean their work has stopped. This morning on Wake Up 2day, U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono joined us studio to talk about what she is working on while at home.

Hirono says while the Senate adjourned for recess, she’s back home this month to speak with local leaders and residents on health care and other important issues facing our state.

In addition, she has a close eye on the current state of affairs with North Korea. Hirono says with increasing threats by North Korea, including the threats of attacks on Guam and increasing rhetoric from the White House, Hawaii residents should remain concerned but not panic.

“Supporting a diplomatic approach to resolving recent actions by North Korea, I’m committed to working with our military leaders to ensure that the resources necessary to protect Hawaii, Alaska, and the U.S. Mainland are available,” says Hirono.

This is the first time Hirono is back in Hawaii since her recent operation to remove kidney cancer. She says she continues to recover and is doing well and remains committed to fighting for the people of Hawaii. 

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