Punahou graduate reunited with class ring after cross-country search

Photo: Stacey Bonnett

Stacey Bonnett and her cousin, Janet Harper, stumbled across an unusual find in Richmond, Va.

They found a 1978 Punahou School class ring in a secondhand Vera Bradley bag Harper purchased at Goodwill.

“She pulls out the ring and was like, ‘I don’t know what to do with this,'” said Bonnett. “My immediate reaction was, ‘We’re going to take a picture and put it on Facebook and find the owner.'”

No one came forward via Facebook, so Bonnett contacted the Punahou Alumni Association.

She says they used the inscription on the back of the gold ring to locate Anne Benton Madden, the ring’s owner.

Madden moved to Virginia in 1987 and said she didn’t even know her ring was missing, but has an idea of how it ended up in a purse at Goodwill.

“Both of my daughters when they were in high school were completely enamored with this ring and thought it was so much cooler than anything that their high school was producing,” Madden said. “They didn’t want their class ring, but they really enjoyed borrowing mine. One of them must have borrowed it and somehow ended up in this bag and not returned to my jewelry box as I expected.”

Madden thinks one of her daughters probably did spring cleaning and donated the bag to Goodwill, not realizing they had left the ring in it.

Bonnett contacted Madden on April 16, 2017 to let her know she had her ring. The two have been in contact ever since.

Madden was excited to hear the news.

“Knowing that it’s coming back has brought back so many fond memories of my time in Hawaii and my time at Punahou,” she said. “I just has such a great experience there and it’s a wonderful memento, and I’m going to be really excited to have it back.

“I am astounded at the effort that (Bonnett) went to,” Madden added. “It is so nice have someone who finds something that’s not theirs and is willing to go the extra mile and find the rightful owner. I’m thrilled that she did it. Many people wouldn’t.”

Madden added that she plans to take Bonnett out to lunch once she returns from vacation in Myrtle Beach — probably somewhere with a Hawaiian flair.

Photo: Stacey Bonnett

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