Residents demand action over Windward Oahu road serving as illegal dump site

Drive through Kapaa Quarry Road in Kailua, and you’ll see everything from kids toys to paint cans chucked to the side.

The Kapaa Transfer Station is on Kapaa Quarry Road, but the community considers the entire length of the road an unofficial dump.

It’s a battle the community has been fighting for decades.

“It’s just rude. It’s messed up. It’s really pretty out here, but I don’t see any reason for it. The dump is right there,” said Kailua resident Angela Anderson.

Tires, discarded shoes, a television set, chairs, and even five-gallon buckets of chemicals, like sealant and paint, ooze into the ground on the side of the road.

State Rep. Chris Lee calls the illegal dumping frustrating because it’s next to Kawanui Marsh.

“What we’ve really seen, in some cases, are some contracting companies who don’t want to pay the fee to dispose construction debris end up dumping it on the side of the road,” Lee said. “It can’t be tolerated especially right next to a world recognized wildlife refuge.”

Teresa Parsons, a Kailua neighborhood board member, says she’s seen more.

“It would be littered from everything from stolen cars to barbecue grills and one most notably, apparently someone had been doing a home clean out. They dumped an entire household of items: a washing machine, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, stove,” she recalled.

Parsons says the issue is happening because the transfer site closes at 6 p.m., and people who don’t make it on time just dump their trash on the road.

She asked city spokesman Andrew Pereira during a neighborhood board meeting to extend the transfer site’s hours.

“He said it was complicated and would require opening negotiations with the union. I said, well we can’t keep going on forever like this.”

In an email, Pereira wrote the city recently got rid of an abandoned vehicle off Kapaa Quarry Road, and is monitoring the area for illegal dumping.

City council member Ikaika Anderson also says he’s asking the Honolulu Police Department to patrol the area for signs of illegal dumpers.

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