“Feeding the Immortals”exhibit opens in downtown Honolulu today

The artwork is stunning but some may consider the source of the imagery, unusual. It’s called “Feeding the Immortals.”
This morning on Wake Up 2day, artist Taiji Terasaki joined us in the studio to talk about his solo exhibit that opens in downtown Honolulu today.
Terasaki says when his father died, he was feeling at a loss. He says he didn’t have any strong religious affiliation so he wasn’t quite sure how to grieve. He also wanted some way to connect with him after his death.When he visited his in-laws in Japan, he saw their custom of kneeling before an altar in their home and making a food offering. He realized that food offerings were part of multiple cultures so he created a ceremonial performance to connect with our loved ones. That turned into multiple art works and his exhibition at Ravizza Brownfield Gallery called Feeding the Immortals.
The public is invited to watch as about 35-40 people participate in the ceremonial performance of food offerings to someone who has died. This will be in the former Fresh Cafe/Indigo space at 1121 Nuuanu Avenue next to the Ravizza Brownfield Gallery on Nuuanu.
Feeding the Immortals opens tonight, Aug. 22 and will be at the Gallery until Oct. 10. The reception is from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, with the ceremonial performance next door starting at 4:30.
For more information call, 724.6877 or go to www.ravizzabrownfieldgallery.com.

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