Investigation wraps on Oahu rat lungworm case with no identifiable cause

Photo: Susan Jarvi

The Hawaii Department of Health has closed its investigation on a case of rat lungworm disease on Oahu.

Earlier this month, health officials confirmed the City and County’s first rat lungworm patient since 2010.

Officials say they looked into what the person ate and also surveyed the person’s home, work, and travel history, and could not pinpoint the source of infection.

They did, however, confirm that the person contracted the disease on Oahu.

Health officials continue to urge everyone to inspect and thoroughly wash raw fruits and vegetables under running water, and store them in sealed containers.

Take care to also wash any utensils, equipment, or containers used for food and drink preparation.

Homeowners are also urged to get rid of snails, slugs, and rats around your home and garden, and don’t drink out of a hose.

Click here for more information on rat lungworm disease.

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