Valuable crime fighting tool credited for a decrease in crime in Oahu neighborhood

They are the eyes of ears of the community.

Honolulu police rely a lot on neighborhood watch groups.

The biggest one is in Manoa. Their efforts have made the community a safer place to live.

Manoa residents say one of the reasons for the decrease in crime over the past decade is the network of residents that help police keep a look out for any suspicious activity in the valley.

Members of the Manoa community gathered to be recognized Wednesday for their contribution to keeping their neighbors safe.

This time keeping them safe in the event of a natural disaster. Wes Oda is a member of the group Be Ready Manoa, “In the event of a major disaster the whole goal is so we can survive for at least 14 days because in the event there is a major statewide disaster the thought is we are going to have to be on our own and wait for the first responders for 14 days.”

Many members of the community that went through the disaster readiness program, are also part of the Manoa neighborhood security watch, a network of residents that looks out for possible crimes each day.

The neighborhood watch has been active for nine years and residents residents like Oda say they’ve seen a significant drop in crime. “We are not asking to be the police but they certainly need to notify each other so that they know there might be problems in the community.”

According to HPD’s Gerald Kaneshiro, Manoa has one of the largest neighborhood watch networks, which they say helps police keep up with crime in the area. “They’re out and about they know what to look for because if you see they receive training from the community policing team so they’re aware of what to look for, license plate numbers how to provide description so things out of the ordinary so they are an extension of us eyes and ears in the community.”

Major Kaneshiro says neighborhood watch groups are one of the department’s most valuable tools.

If you’d like to get involved, go to HPD’s community policing division to find all of their upcoming events.

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