Investigation underway after cat’s body found, disturbing message posted

The Hawaiian Humane Society is investigating after a disturbing find in Waikiki.

Someone found the body of a cat with a message warning something like this would happen if people keep feeding the outdoor felines.

We’re told the cat that died was someone’s pet. So what are the rules about having outdoor cats, and what can neighbors do if pets are causing a nuisance?

A woman who did not want to be identified tells KHON2 she helps her neighbors feed their outdoor cats every night.

But Wednesday afternoon she learned the devastating news that one of them was found dead on the curb.

“It’s not a stray. It belongs to someone. His name is Smokey,” she said.

What’s more distressing, she found a note last month in her apartment building elevator.

Because of this disturbing message, the cat’s caretaker believes Smokey’s death was not an accident.

“We buried it last night, and it’s not right if you guys don’t want these cats. Call the right people. Call the authorities to pick him up. Don’t kill him,” she said.

The Hawaiian Humane Society said it would have been better if they knew about the message beforehand.

“We are still gathering any statements and witness forms, so we are at the very preliminary stages,” said Harold Han, field services manager for the Hawaiian Humane Society. “We could have maybe prevented this from happening if that’s what happened. Right now, it’s speculation.”

We learned that cats are allowed to be free roaming, but owners need to make sure their pets can be identified.

“Law specifies if it’s free roaming, it has to be identified either with a tag or microchip and it must be sterilized,” said Han.

Han tells us if other neighbors are having problems with free roaming cats, they should call the Hawaiian Humane Society at 356-2254.

“We try and work with both sides. Usually responsible pet owners take some responsibility to realize (they’re) inconveniencing their neighbors,” Han said.

We reached out to the property manager of the apartment building where the disturbing message was posted. The property manager tells us he doesn’t know who wrote the note.

The humane society is still collecting witness statements and encourages people to call 356-2250 if they have any information.

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