Navy News: Women’s equality in the Navy

Saturday is Women’s Equality Day, a day to remember how far we’ve come since passage of the 19th Amendment 97 years ago giving women the right to vote. This morning on Wake Up 2day, Retired Rear Admiral Alma Grocki joined us in studio to talk about the issue of equality in the U.S. Navy.

Admiral Grocki says much has improved over the years and there is equal pay for equal work in the United States Navy. She says good work can lead to promotion and the Navy provides women and men an opportunity to make a difference. Grocki is a graduate of Punahou and the Naval Academy. She says she had a wonderful career and is grateful for the opportunity to see the world.

Now that she’s retired she is serving on the Boards of Directors for Navy League, Pacific Aviation Museum, Pacific Historic Parks, USS Missouri, and the Keehi Memorial Organization. This summer she had the opportunity to help with commissioning of USS JOHN FINN at Pearl Harbor. She says there are so many different jobs in the Navy for women and men, including machines, weapons systems, facilities and people. You can also work in aviation, submarines, surface ships, space or cyber. She says the work is challenging and rewarding and the aloha spirit shared here makes Hawaii a great duty station for all sailors.

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