Rainbow Warrior fans out in full force for first home game of the season

There was lots of excitement at Aloha Stadium Saturday night as the University of Hawaii football team kicked off its first home game of the season, and the fans were out in full force.

The Rainbow Warriors kicked off their season opener with a win last week over University of Massachusetts and UH fans say they’re hopeful for another winning season this year.

“Six months we’ve been waiting! Defend pride rock, live aloha, that’s all we do!” Shane Agno said.

“We’re very excited, we’re back man, it’s another year of rainbow football,” David Perry said.

Folks fired up their grills in anticipation for Saturday’s game against Western Carolina.

“We’re glad that Rolo’s back as the coach. The team is enthusiastic and excited and we think we’re going to have a fabulous year,” Linda Newton said.

The Rainbow Warriors picked up their first win on the road last week and fans are hoping to keep the momentum going.

“Last year was the first year and it was a decent year. All you can go is up,” Perry said. “Just by watching them play and practice, things I hear on the radio, on the tv, it only can get better.”

Longtime season ticket holders told KHON2 they want to see more wins but also more support for Hawaii’s team.

“This is the only team we have in the state. I love Rolo, I love the boys, blood sweat and tears. They’re going to give their hearts out, I’m going to cheer my heart out,” Agno said.

“Every game counts, every fan counts, the team needs everybody here,” Perry said.

Win or lose, these fans said they’re in it for the long haul and offered these words to players.

“I’m optimistic and we’re all optimistic, that’s all we can be. Through thick and thin, good and bad, we still going to be here,” Perry said.

“Be passionate, have fun and keep winning,” Newton said.

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