Local triathletes swim across the Kaiwi Channel

An amazing accomplishment today for a couple of local triathletes.

Ryan Leong and Stefan Reinke, completed the 26-mile swim across the Ka’iwi Channel from Molokai to Sandy Beach on Oahu. It took them 19 hours and 32 minutes.

“How happy were you to reach the sand at Sandy’s? I was so stoked just to see the bottom that I actually stop swimming and grab stuff and I was swimming with me and just pointed to the bottom so ecstatic,” Ryan Leong, who swam the Kaiwi Channel.

“When I first realized there was an outside chance we would finish when I was about 500 feet from shore a little Amish out I was so excited I wanted to do the swim as long as I can remember in a be able to do it and complete it was a dream come true,” said Stefan Reinke who swam the Kaiwi Channel.

This was their second attempt at crossing the Kaiwi Channel.

They had to abort their first attempt last week after a close encounter with a tiger shark.

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