7-Eleven Hawaii offers healthy grab-and-go options as part of state campaign

New healthy options are front and center at 7-Eleven.

The company kicked off a partnership Friday with the state Department of Health’s Choose Healthy Now campaign.

That means you’ll now have easier access to healthier foods and beverages in all 64 stores across the state.

As part of the campaign, a new creation by First Lady Dawn Ige, called “Mrs. Ige’s chicken cilantro sandwich,” will be available later this year.

“If (people) often come to 7-Eleven or make quick stops, we need to make it move convenient for people to get and make healthy options available to them,” she said. “We’re all busy, all running from place to place.”

Items that meet nutrition guidelines set by the Department of Health are marked with a Choose Healthy Now label.

Aloha Island Mart and KTA have also been partners in the campaign since 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Choose Healthy Now launched in May 2014 as a partnership between the departments of Health and Human Services with six snack shops in state and federal government buildings on Oahu.

Today, more than 145 retail locations across the state are promoting Choose Healthy Now.

Click here for more information.

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