Hot water back on at UH Manoa dorm with plans underway for permanent fix

The hot water is back on in the Mokihana dormitory at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

A boiler broke down again last week, leaving students without hot water.

The issue came up a couple of times during the summer as well.

The university installed a temporary boiler for now, but hopes to get a permanent one by December when students are out of school.

“I think the boilers that we’ve had the problems with were just older and we did maintain them, but they were just about at the end of their usefulness obviously, and so I think that’s the big difference right there,” said UH spokesman Dan Meisenzahl. “So that boiler that (will be installed in December) is going to be the permanent boiler. We’re going to need a crane or a helicopter to get on top of the building I believe, and so that wasn’t a possibility during this semester which is why we didn’t do it after the last problems earlier this summer.”

The temporary boiler cost about $26,000.

The project for the permanent fix still needs to go out to bid, so there is no estimate for how much it will cost.

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