Swimmers eagerly await reopening of popular Manoa community pool

The wait is almost over.

In just a week or two, swimmers can jump back into the water at the Manoa swimming pool.

Work has been taking place at Manoa Valley District Park. The gym roof is being replaced and because of that the pool had to be closed.

A city spokesman tells us the gym roof is now done, and they’re just finishing repairs in the pool bathrooms.

Community members we spoke to say they’ve been patiently waiting all summer to use the pool and have either had to stop swimming or drive farther to another pool.

A sign says the project will last about six months, which means it should be wrapping up soon.

The city tells us the Manoa pool schedule is still being drafted and will be released after officials know exactly when the pool reopens.

Fall programs have already begun, so many of the swim programs at Manoa will most likely start next spring.

In the meantime, swim clubs and classes either had to be canceled or relocated.

KHON2 went to nearest pool at McCully District Park and found that’s where Manoa Aquatics has been practicing.

“We lost the ability to practice at our home pool, but we are fortunate enough to use the McCully pool facility where we practice here about four times a week,” said Manoa Aquatics assistant swim coach Kaysha Izumoto.

Izumoto tells us they’ve had to improvise.

“There are other programs that had to go to beach practice a few times. We were also going to beach practices,” said Izumoto. “Some of the kids are afraid of swimming in the ocean because of the wildlife there, so a lot of times we don’t have a lot of the kids come to practice.”

Izumoto says more kids will probably come back once they’re back at their home pool in Manoa.

Even the parents are anxiously waiting.

“It’s a little extra trip for me to drive down here (to McCully) because my kid goes to school at Noelani so it’s much closer there (in Manoa),” said mother of two Vera Tay. “It would be nice if I don’t have to take that extra trip here.”

The city has increased hours and added more swim classes at McCully to take in the influx of swimmers from Manoa.

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