DOT says contractor will fix problems after reports of steel plates damaging cars


Road work in Leeward Oahu has sparked a new source of frustration.

Residents say steel plates at the intersection of Farrington Highway and Nanakuli Avenue are not being secured properly resulting in damaged cars and traffic delays.

Representative Andria Tupola says people were complaining there was no asphalt barrier around the steel plates.

That makes it dangerous for cars to drive over.

The transportation department was notified, and the contractor will fix the issue.

But representative Tupola believes, it should’ve been done right the first time. “I was not able to talk to the general contractor that was on the job for Ted’s Wiring so I did not get a response as to why, but I do believe it’s part of standard construction and road procedure that if you do put down metal plates that the cold patch is necessary to secure the plate to make sure cars can drive over it. So immediately I took action because we don’t want to see something happen to anyone’s car or any person because somebody didn’t do a job the right way.”

In a statement, the DOT said — “The contractor has been informed of the community concerns and will install signage to alert motorists to the plates, as well as measures to reduce the impact of the transition from the paved road to the steel plates.”

Representative Tupola also said the plates were secured with asphalt by around 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

The DOT says one damage claim has been filed in relation to the plates.


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