Urban pop-up transforms metered parking spaces into temporary parks

A pop-up caused mixed reactions in Honolulu Friday.

The 3rd annual PARK(ing) Day event took place in downtown Honolulu, Chinatown, and Kakaako.

It’s part of a worldwide event where artists, designers, and residents transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks.

Companies get permits to take over parking stalls and turn them into “parklets,” or gathering areas where people can sit, read, and relax.

“We’ve already started to see a few of those created down in Kakaako, like in front of Hank’s Haute Dogs, some seating out there that folks might have seen,” said Jason DeMarco, WRNS Studio. “So the city is looking to encourage folks to create those kinds of locations in other locations in our dense urban core.”

More than two dozen companies and organizations took part in Friday’s event.

Reaction was mixed, since the pop-up takes away parking spaces and are so close to the road.

But organizers stress that they’re temporary and last for only a few hours.

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