Family wants answers after girl, dog attacked by unleashed dog near home

The Hawaiian Humane Society is investigating yet another dog attack.

We’re told a 12-year-old girl was walking her dog in Enchanted Lake when another dog, that was not on a leash, attacked.

Amy Kimura, the victim’s grandmother, says her granddaughter, Makayla, is shaken up but okay and her 8-year-old dog, Hoku, is recovering from surgery.

She is happy their injuries aren’t more severe, but she’s also angry.

Makayla was on her way back from her afternoon walk with Hoku Thursday when the attack happened, just one house away from her own home.

“All of a sudden, we were hearing commotion and screaming and dog yelling,” Kimura said.

The dog bit Hoku on her back and Makayla was bitten on her hand when she went to pick Hoku up.

“The bite on her hand was not that severe. More for her, she was pretty traumatized, poor thing,” Kimura said. “I came home. We were out looking for the dog and found her sitting on the carpet with Hoku just crying.”

Kimura says neighbors told her the dog’s owner was present, quickly put a leash on the dog, and left.

Hoku underwent surgery Thursday night for her injuries, but we’re told she will be okay.

“It did not get into any of the organs, so she just has all these puncture wounds that they have either stapled or sutured,” Kimura said.

Kimura says she reported the incident to the police, but they told her it’s unlikely anything will come of it because they had no real evidence.

Kimura says Makayla probably won’t be walking Hoku again any time soon.

“Too bad you have to go that way. I didn’t think we lived in a neighborhood like this, but I guess we do,” she said.

“It sounds like a dangerous dog case, because there was some serious injury to an animal and then an injury to an owner, so that would fall under the dangerous dog law,” said Harold Han, Hawaiian Humane Society field services manager.

The Regulation of Dangerous Dogs law (Article 7) is a misdemeanor offense and carries penalties between $500 and $2,000 and possibly 30 days in jail.

“We would really like people to be much more aware of how dangerous it is to let your dog free without a leash on,” Kimura said. “It’s dangerous. You never know what’s going to happen.”

Han says it’s important to report dog bite cases, even when both parties resolve it civilly. That way if the dog bites anyone else, there is a record of it, even if no one wants to pursue criminal charges.

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