Caught on camera: Strange lights spotted floating over Oahu

A strange sight in the sky over Oahu caught the attention of many people overnight.

We received several messages via the Report It feature on our website from viewers who saw the lights.

Mash Hatae says he woke up at around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday to get some water, and the lights in the sky caught his eye.

He took video from Kakaako and thinks the lights were over either Central or West Oahu.

In the video, you can see two bright lights, and then slowly a third light appears. Hatae says he saw about eight to 10 lights total.

“It looks like flares. Definitely could’ve been something more mysterious, but yeah, it was definitely probably just flares, military flares,” he said. “It was definitely really unusual to see. They were super bright. I guess I couldn’t really get the full gist of it from my camera because it was so far away, but it was really, really bright. I looked out my lanai and it was the first thing I saw.”

In the past when we’ve received reports about similar lights, it ended up being due to military training.

The U.S. Army confirmed units were training that night.

“As part of that training, we were firing what are called illumination rounds,” explained Lt. Col. Curtis Kellogg with the 25th Infantry Division. “Illumination rounds are one of those things that we have in our tool kit that allow us to get better situational awareness by being able to see at night.”

Schofield Barracks sends out a monthly training advisory for exercises that may be heard in the surrounding communities. This does not apply to illumination rounds.

“What I can tell you is that illumination rounds are normal component of our training with artillery and mortar systems, and it’s not unusual for us to use those rounds,” Kellogg said. “In some cases, when we do schedule the ranges and make the notification to the public, at a certain point in time we may not know exactly whether or not they plan to shoot illumination, but certainly we’re not opposed to letting the public know that they may see illumination in the night sky.”

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