Windward Oahu road plagued by accidents

It’s a slight curve that’s become a big problem for people who live in Kailua.

So they turned to KHON2 for help.

An accident Friday afternoon on Keolu Drive damaged a truck and an HPD speed trailer.

Residents say Friday’s accident was just one of many throughout the years.

They say it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.

The scene of an accident Friday on Keolu Drive was all too familiar for residents.

They say a car driving down the road hit a black truck that was parked on the street. The truck’s owner says this happened to him twice before, all in the same spot.

Jeff Sulzbach lives one door down from the accident, but he’s also lost a parked car to this curve. “We’ve lived here two and a half years. It’s a busy road. There’s a lot of activity on the road but the little twist to the road causes cars to miss the turn and end up hitting cars that are parked on the side of the road.”

It’s a long straight away on Keolu drive, with no stop signs, speed bumps, or lights, over the years neighbors say there have been numerous accidents, all involving cars that instead of turning, keep going straight.

Jasmine Abbey has lived on Keolu Drive for a little over a year, “We have had our car hit, our neighbors have had their car hit, almost everyone in I would say our three house vacinity has had their car hit at least one time.”

Sulzbach reached out for help, and HPD put up a speed monitoring trailer, which was also damaged in the accident. “We’ve gotten a response from the police department. They were very quick to bring their speed trailer out which was hit today actually, so the speed trailer that told people to slow down was actually hit that was taken out in today’s accident.”

The three families who’s cars have all been hit, all have small children.

Abbey says she’s worried for the kids safety. “It’s dangerous I mean I walk the kids up and down the street and I was just walking by what happened. If I was there at that moment it could’ve been a lot worse.”

Sulzbach also reached out to the city asking for a solution. “The mayors office has sent a letter saying they’re going to have the department of transportation look at this and see what they can do about it and that’s about as far as we’ve gone.”

All the residents including Abbey agree something needs to be done. “Definitely something needs to happen. We would love to see maybe stop lights or speed humps. Anything. Anything that would slow down traffic.”

KHON2 reached out to the city and the area city councilmember to see if there is anything being done to improve safety along Keolu Drive.


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