Several injured after car plows into Hawaii Kai restaurant

Seven people were treated for injuries tonight after a car plowed into a restaurant, and that was after the driver had already hit several cars in the parking lot at Koko Marina Shopping Center in Hawaii Kai.

It happened at around 4 p.m. at Paina Cafe.

Victims and witnesses pieced the incident together, and say it started with a fender bender.

“I was just waiting for this woman to park. I was behind her driving. I was stationary. She backed into me, crunched the cars. The cars were stuck together. We both got out and we were going to exchange cards, very cordial and all,” witness Steve Orr said.

“She starts to pull into this space over here and hits a car, goes too fast, didn’t go through the building at that time. Then backs up full blast, hits three cars, then comes forward full blast and smashes through the building. It was really dangerous. Thank God she sort of made noise, because these people scattered, but there were a lot of people in the store and actually people did get hurt,” Orr continued.

“I was in the store eating with my friends and then her car pulled up broke the window and hit it. Then she put her car in reverse, hopped the curb, and hit my truck. Then she put her car back into drive and drove all the way through the store,” witness Noa Nobrega said. Nobrega was in the cafe at the time.

“As fast as she could plowed in, threaded the needle through this space, and all the way through the back of the shop,” witness Jane Fee said.

Ethan Hollandsworth said he was standing right in front of the door.

“Ho yah, I just like saw my life before my eyes and ran,” Hollandsworth said.

“I was trying to get her out of the car because she was trying to back up out of the store and there were two of us banging on the window saying get out. So we finally got the keys away from her,” Orr said.

Officials say the driver is in her 70s, but no word on why this happened or if she suffered any injuries.

“She like hit four or five people on the way in. I was there, so she hit me and this lady and two other ladies on the way in. She just hit me on my legs and back, but I’m good,” Nobriga said.

“I actually at one point looked under the car because when the man with the baby couldn’t find his wife… and she was in the back of the shop,” Fee said.

The man’s wife was alright.

In the end, fire officials say six people went to the hospital in stable condition. Their injuries were not life threatening.

“One lady’s arm was hurt and bleeding so I don’t know, I hope they’re alright,” Nobriga said.

“I’m very thankful that everyone will probably go home tonight,” Fee added.

As for Paina Cafe, no word on how long repairs will take or when it will reopen.

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