Primo Popcorn: Movie Night Popcorn, Kaminari, etc.

To furikake or not to furikake, that is the question!  Today, we feature two popcorns from Primo Popcorn:  Movie Night buttery butter popcorn & Kaminari, which is buttery butter, furikaki and mochi crunch!

If you get the Kaminari mascot shirt, you can get a free bag of Kaminari popcorn (while supplies last).

Primo Popcorn and Kremery wanted to change the way they served up their sorbet.  “Sorbet on a Stik” is a brand new, fun way to enjoy this cool non-dairy gourmet treat.  Try the Haupia Sorbet on a Stick and float away on the creamy coconut cloud of delight.

Come check out all their flavors at 120 Sand Island Access Road or click and shop online at

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