Los Angeles Clippers donate equipment, funding for middle-school computer lab

Students at Stevenson Middle School received a special gift Monday.

Two Los Angeles Clippers helped the school celebrate the opening of its newly refurbished computer lab.

Stevenson Middle received a donation of nearly $40,000 in computer equipment from the L.A. Clippers Foundation, including 30 HP ProDesk desktops, two Canon wireless printers and a 55-inch television for instruction. The donation will also provide a new central air conditioning unit for the room.

“The Hawaii fans have been unbelievable to us, so this is the least we could do,” said power forward Blake Griffin. “There are a lot of people in my life still today that are responsible for me being where I am, and I won’t be where I am without them obviously, so it’s very important to give back and help as much as I can, because you don’t know who you’re going to affect or how you’re going to affect them.”

“I wish I had something like this when I was a kid to better myself in the classroom and as a student,” said center DeAndre Jordan. “When I was a kid, my parents were both school teachers, high school teachers. They always stressed to me the importance of listening in class, doing the homework, paying attention. At the time, I probably didn’t appreciate those words as much, but now as an adult, I really appreciate those values.”

The computer lab will be accessible to all students for the school’s digital and online programs.

Stevenson’s media and photography club will be housed in the new lab, and will use the equipment to produce the student newsletter and document school activities.

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