Oahu lawmaker discusses next steps to ease traffic congestion in West Oahu

Traffic. It’s the biggest gripe residents have living in West Oahu.

The complaints grew louder after last week’s water main break which closed down a portion of Farrington Highway and snarled traffic from Thursday through Saturday.

So what are the options to relieve traffic? Rep. Andria Tupola, (R) Nanakuli, Maili, joined Take2 to talk about what’s being done.

Tupola said while she doesn’t think a second road funded by the state is a viable option due to the burden it will place on taxpayers, she does believe that a federally funded or federal and state partnership is an option.

To her, repairing Kolekole Pass would be the best option. It’s already built, but does need significant repairs.

Tupola and Sen. Mike Gabbard (D) have met with the Navy and Army to discuss the Kolekole Pass option, and Tupola said initial repairs and testing of the road have taken place.

However, there is a dangerous curve in the road and the area needs rockfall mitigation work to make it safe.

Tupola said that what needs to happen to expedite the process is to make it a priority for the federal government to take action.

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