Cover2 Overtime: Bracket breakdown

Every Thursday night after “Cover2: Hawaii High School Football Weekly,” Rob DeMello, Sam Spangler, and a guest will discuss hot topics in the 808 on #Cover2 Overtime exclusively on

This week, the gang discusses the regular season finale in the ILH.

We start in Division I, or the open division if you project to the state tournament.

Saint Louis and Punahou will face off Saturday night.

A Saint Louis victory gives the Crusaders the number-one seed in the league tournament, meaning a spot in the final.

A Punahou win creates a tie at the top, forcing a coin toss for the top-seed.

From there, the winner of the tournament earns the lone spot into the state tournament.

In Division II, the only thing that can change this weekend is if Damien beats Saint Francis and Iolani beats Pac-5.

Then a coin toss will decide the two seeds in the tournament.

Since two plays three, then it’s only jersey color that will be affected.

The question now: if you’re Damien and you’ve already locked up the regular-season title and you’re already the number-one seed, how important is getting a second win over the Saints?

Let us know what you think ahead of the ILH finale, or if you got a topic you’d like to see on Cover2 Overtime.

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