Proposal aims to keep kids safer by expanding sit-lie ban around schools, libraries

Every parent wants their kids to be able to safely walk to and from school.

Now a measure before the Honolulu City Council aims to make that happen by keeping sidewalks clear around school campuses.

Bill 83 would ban people from sitting or lying on sidewalks within an 800-foot radius around schools as well as public libraries on Oahu.

It was introduced by Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi.

The ban would be in effect from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Employees at the McCully-Moiliili Public Library say it would be a positive step. They often have to do daily sweeps to keep the homeless off their property.

Library users agree something needs to be done.

“There have been in the past along here a lot of homeless people. They are in the park right now, and I have a certain empathy for them, but like I said, I’m concerned about the well-being of our citizens, especially kids,” said David Porter.

Porter says with fewer children and families using the libraries these days, anything the city can do to keep the facilities safe, welcoming, and accessible should be done.

What about kids that may be sitting on the sidewalks around schools, either waiting for a ride or just hanging out?

The proposal says police must first issue a warning letting people know they need to move. If they don’t listen, then a ticket can be issued.

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