Hawaii artist’s new song inspired by Las Vegas tragedy goes viral

Sometimes tragedy inspires change, and sometimes music can do the same.

Hawaii artist Landon McNamara was so moved by the Las Vegas massacre and all the recent violence that’s been happening around the world — that he wrote a song about it all and that song is quickly going viral…it’s called “Loss for Words.”

The song was written Monday on a drive into town to the studio from the North Shore as Landon and Etienne Aureilius were discussing what’s happening in the world. they released a little clip later in the day and it immediately got retweeted and posted – over 25,000 views in 24 hours on Instagram by local professional surfers, celebrities and many island fans.

The song and video is being released on Friday on iTunes, and here’s what’s amazing — proceeds from the song are going to Las Vegas victims’ families.

Landon was recently featured on KHON2’s “Ha’ina” special.

He was nominated for a Na Hoku Hanohano award this year and his album was number one on iTunes which went from #30 yesterday to #1 after the video went viral and well as #1 on Billboard reggae charts.

Landon gained nearly 20,000 followers since the song was posted.

It truly shows the power of social media and the power of music.

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