Humane society explains why lost pet was never returned to owner

A lost dog that was turned in to the Hawaiian Humane Society was never returned to its owner.

A woman contacted KHON2 saying by the time she went to the humane society to claim her dog, she was told it had already been adopted.

The dog did not have any identification, so the humane society says it didn’t have a choice.

Without an ID tag or a microchip, lost pets will be up for adoption after 48 hours.

“After the two days are up, the dog will be assessed for health and behavior, and if they have not been sterilized, then they will be spayed and neutered and they make it out to our adoptions floor,” said Suzy Tam from the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Officials say it’s critical to have some form of identification.

If your pet has proper identification, the humane society waits nine days before it is adopted out. During that time, the humane society will also try to get a hold of the owner.

“We will make every effort to contact you, so it’s really important to make sure your contact information is also updated with us. We will send out an email. We’ll try to call you, so we’ll do everything we can to reunite you with your missing pet,” Tam said.

Tam says a microchip is the best form of identification, because it can’t get lost. Dogs, cats, and rabbits can get microchipped, and the humane society provides them for $20 each.

In the past fiscal year, the Hawaiian Humane Society tells us that it has reunited more than 2,600 pets with their families. Tam adds that once you lose your dog, you should fill out a report right away on the humane society’s website.

“Upload a photo of your pet, and it’s really important to do that as long as you know your dog or your cat or whatever animal you have is not there, and that way we can try to make a match just on the picture or descriptions you have,” Tam said.

As for the woman who contacted us, she wanted to know who adopted her dog. The humane society says it cannot provide that information.

“We really want to protect the privacy of our guests and any adopters, so we don’t release any information to anyone. We just want to make sure everyone stays safe and that their privacy is safeguarded through us,” Tam said.

Click here to report a lost pet to the Hawaiian Humane Society.

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