Aging with dignity, yes it’s more than possible and it’s happening

A handful of experts on the topic are preparing to show you how to do that.

This morning on Wake Up 2day, Dr. Terry Shintani joined us in studio to talk about Wednesday’s Aging with Dignity forum, part of a UH-sponsored Conference of Disabilities.

Shintani says people generally become more vulnerable to disability as they age, but people can also take many preventive steps to protect health and well-being.

“I will be presenting on one effective way to do this-the Chow Integrated Healing System,” says Shintani. “The Chow Integrated Healing System teaches us Qi/life-energy or whole health practices to heal oneself and others. As this workshop will show, the emphasis will be on the integrated and total holistic approach to natural healing using the ancient Chinese concept of Qi-energy or the life force.”

Shintani says today’s medical care is compartmentalized and often does not consider the “whole patient,” lifestyle and all.

“Many prominent physicians have referred to our health care system now as “A Sick Care Monitoring System,” because it divides physical, mental/emotional, spiritual factors that in cultural systems of care are integrally related in the care of the whole person,” says Shintani. “Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine/Qigong with modern health principles, this holistic system is shown to improve health of elderly for wellness, diseases, pain, disabilities and rehabilitation. The workshop at the Pac Rim conference will be very active and hands-on.”

The Aging with Dignity forum will feature discussions on alternative healing and conversations on cultural practices and research to livable cities. It’s happening at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, $15 for a full day of activities and no registration is required.

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