Atkinson Dr. entrance to Ala Moana Regional Park reopens following sinkhole repairs

The entrance/exit to Ala Moana Regional Park at Atkinson Drive is now open following the completion of sinkhole-related repairs that required its closure since mid-September 2017.

Vehicular traffic near the damaged area was previously restricted from Magic Island and from the Waikiki end of Ala Moana Boulevard during the repair project.

The Kamakee Street entrance to the park remained open during this time.

On Wednesday, Sept. 13, a football-sized hole in Ala Moana Park Drive was observed by park staff fronting the Waikiki Yacht Club. Upon further investigation, a large sinkhole and several smaller sinkholes were discovered along the culverts underneath the roadway.

Because of the extent of the damage, the project to address the sinkholes required exposing the culverts and repairing all of the joints. Leakage from these joints resulted in the creation of the sinkholes.

Tidal waters limiting access and visibility of the culverts, as well as more extensive sinkhole damage, resulted in the repair project lasting longer than the previous sinkhole incident near Kamakee Street in July 2016.

“We are grateful to the public, park users, and staff for their patience and understanding during this most recent repair work,” the city Department of Parks and Recreation said in a statement.

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