City responds to confusion over partial repaving of Manoa roads

Ongoing road work in Manoa is confusing residents.

A viewer reached out to us via Report It to ask about the repaving of Manoa Road and E. Manoa Road.

Pavement repairs began Oct. 2 with expected completion by the end of the month.

But residents were surprised to find only the main travel lanes repaved.

Parking lanes on either side of the street appeared untouched with a distinct demarcation between the two layers of pavement.

Department of Facility Maintenance Director Ross Sasamura said in a statement:

“The work being performed in Manoa by a crew from the City and County of Honolulu Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) is a temporary measure that is being done to address numerous pavement issues that will require additional and extensive work. The Department of Facility Maintenance has received numerous complaints and calls of concern from the community and are responding to restore some measure of smoothness to the travel lanes along Manoa Road and East Manoa Road. University Avenue was recently completed under the same temporary repair program by the Department of Facility Maintenance referred to as ‘First Aid’ pavement repairs.

“The Department of Facility Maintenance apologizes for not extending the new layer of pavement across the entire street. These streets, in addition to others in Manoa Valley, are scheduled for more extensive work that will be performed by contractors under the management of the Department of Design and Construction (DDC). The permanent repairs are expected to begin by the end of 2018.”

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