Cover2 Overtime: Football fashionistas

Every Thursday night after “Cover2: Hawaii High School Football Weekly,” Rob DeMello, Sam Spangler, and a guest will discuss hot topics in the 808 on #Cover2 Overtime exclusively on

This week, the gang discusses who has the best uniforms in Hawaii.

Sam’s pick: Punahou

Sam always thinks this team has a nice uniform, but Punahou has outdone itself this season.

The team’s new uniform is gray with pops of blue and gold, and “Sons of Oahu” written across the chest.

“Usually I don’t like Under Armour uniforms too, sorry University of Hawaii,” Sam says, “but these are some of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.”

Sam also typically prefers shiny helmets, but in this case, he approves of the Buffanblu’s matte helmets.

“This thing’s thrown me for a loop,” he admits.

Billy’s pick: Classic, old school

Billy has a different take on uniforms: “This is football, man. Get it dirty. Don’t even wash it. Wear it over and over again. All the scratches in the helmet. That’s the kind of uniforms I’m looking for.”

Waianae is a good example, he says.

Rob’s picks: Waipahu and Moanalua

Rob is torn. He gave a vote to Waipahu for the “shiniest and fanciest there is.”

But he also likes Moanalua. Rob says he’s amazed that the team found a shade of blue that perfectly matches both uniform and helmet.

“A lot of times you have a funky looking helmet like that, you can’t find the fabric to match. They somehow did it. Moanalua’s on point.”

Sam’s fashion advice to all athletes: just make sure you match. “Don’t wear orange under sleeves if your team is like, blue and yellow.”

So who has the worst uniforms in the state? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

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