How to prepare for times of natural disaster or emergency

Recently, there have been so many terrible tragedies and devastating disasters in the world, that it’s good to always be prepared for the worst. Bill Hozey, managing partner for Alaska and Hawaii Verizon, joined us with tips to help during a crisis.

What to have in your kit:
· An extra set of clothes – you might not know when you’ll be home again
· Calorie bars – long shelf life, withstand trunk heat
· Flashlight, rope, razor blade – essential tools that come in handy for multiple situations
· Ziplock bags – waterproof bags to carry your forms of identification and currency
· Basic first aid kit – gauze, butterfly bandages or antiseptic are always needed

Technology can help: 
Download emergency apps.
· The American Red Cross: Shelter View and Network of Care Shelter Finder lets you find shelters nearby that fit your needs
· Weather apps help you track sudden changes in the forecast to better-plan your day
· News station apps keep you updated with current events on what’s happening near you
· Text during an emergency


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