Safety zone established as crews address grounded fishing vessel off Waikiki

Crews continued Thursday to remove all potential pollutants from a 79-foot commercial fishing vessel off Waikiki.

The Pacific Paradise ran aground about a thousand feet off Kaimana Beach late Tuesday night.

Coast Guard response and Honolulu Fire Department crews rescued the master and 19 fishermen from the vessel.

An estimated 4,500 gallons of diesel, 55 gallons of lube and hydraulic oils, and four marine batteries were on board, though no pollution was reported, either in the water or on shore.

On Wednesday, crews were able to anchor and stabilize the vessel and remove an estimated 200 to 300 gallons of fuel.

The salvage team returned Thursday to remove the remaining fuel from the vessel and rig it to be towed.

A safety zone has been established and is being patrolled by Coast Guard crews. It extends 500 yards in all directions from position 21-15.69N 157-49.49W.

The public is asked to remain clear of the safety zone to prevent injury or impact to operations.

Partners in the effort include personnel in several divisions of the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response, the responsible party, commercial salvors and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Trade winds become breezy late Friday into early next week with some rain showers. Swells and surf are expected to increase.

The Pacific Paradise is a U.S.-flagged vessel and part of the Hawaii longline fleet homeported in Honolulu.

The cause of the grounding remains under investigation.

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