Structural concerns force non-profit to raze near-century-old building

A near-century-old building is coming down.

Palama Settlement is a non-profit agency that has served low-income and immigrant families in the Kalihi and Palama communities since 1896.

It is located on Vineyard Boulevard near the H-1 Freeway.

One of its buildings was originally used for administration, a dental clinic and other health services.

But officials say despite its history, the building had to be torn down.

“This particular building, we had problems with the foundation and structural integrity of the building,” said executive director Earl Fusato. “We tried various times to shore the building up, to make sure the floors were level, and we’ve added additional floors to make it level. Most recently we’ve been informed that the building really was not safe, so about three years ago, we had the building vacated and it’s been sitting since.”

Officials haven’t decided what, if anything, will go in its place.

Fusato says out of the settlement’s nine original buildings, only three remain.

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