Halloween pedestrian safety tips for the entire family

Halloween is the perfect time for parents to talk to young kids about pedestrian safety.

Trick-or-treating on Halloween is one of the most significant pedestrian moments in a child’s life.

For many, this may be the first time that they get to walk around in the early evening or at night.

This is the time to teach them good pedestrian behavior so as they get older, the idea of wearing bright and reflective clothing at night becomes second nature.

It may be hard for drivers to see pedestrians, especially those wearing a dark costume. Officials urge those celebrating Halloween to wear something reflective on their costume to increase chances of being seen by drivers.

Safety tips for children:

  • Make sure your kid’s costume fits well and that they won’t be tripping over it.
  •  Make sure they always take off their masks when walking from house to house, and especially when crossing the street.
  •  Make sure they carry a flashlight and clip on safety lights or attached reflective stickers to their costumes.
  • If attaching something reflective to their costume doesn’t work, get a plastic pumpkin and fill it with glow sticks or blinking lights to allow vehicles to see them walking.
  • Always map out a trick-or-treat route and try to reduce the number of times your children have to cross the street.
  • For younger kids, have them draw out the street and the crosswalks so they have a better understanding of how pedestrian safety infrastructure works.

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