Popular spots for trick-or-treaters this Halloween night

Halloween was a busy night for families who went door-to-door or to malls to trick-or-treat.

One house on Onaha Street in Kahala never fails to draw a crowd.

Each year the homeowner, who calls himself the Santa Claus of Halloween, gives away 3,000 to 5,000 pounds of candy. It’s enough to fill an entire shipping container.

There’s so much candy, he sets up distribution tables, and lines snake down the block and around the corner as kids wait patiently for their sweet treats.

It’s a big undertaking made possible with the help of donations.

“It’s for the families and everybody, so we can take care of the whole neighborhood in one-stop shopping,” he said.

Over in Nuuanu, many trick-or-treaters have their go-to spots where homeowners go all out to create a fun event for the kids.

One even offered live entertainment to accompany the candy.

Victoria Ogasawara and her daughter, Alex, actually live in Kahala, but they look forward to coming to Dowsett Avenue every Halloween.

“It’s 100-percent fun and the houses are very fabulous,” said Alex Ogasawara.

“They have such great decorations up here, and we’re going to come to the one that has the casket and all that, and there’s always an aunty here that invites us into their garage for pupus and everything, so that’s why we come up here,” said Victoria Ogasawara.

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