‘The Eddie’: A new name for a new era

UPDATE: “The Eddie” is a no-go this year. The family of legendary lifeguard and surfer Eddie Aikau says the contest has been called off.

There’s a new name marking a new era of the big wave surf competition honoring legendary lifeguard and surfer Eddie Aikau.

We’re just weeks away from the opening ceremony of the big wave event.

There’s still no word on a sponsor, but the family tells KHON2 that the surfing contest will now be known simply as The Eddie.

The Eddie Aikau Foundation debuted the contest’s new poster at its annual essay contest luncheon.

For the first time in three decades, the big wave event will not be sponsored by Quiksilver after the family and the company couldn’t reach an agreement.

Though they have parted ways, the Aikau family tells KHON2 there’s nothing but gratitude for the former sponsor.

“I do wanna thank Quiksilver for all the years. The family is just moving on with the tremendous support from the public and from Hawaii,” Clyde Aikau said.

Without announcing a new sponsor, many are wondering if the contest will still happen this season.

The family says the opening ceremony is still scheduled for November 30, and for now the family remains optimistic.

“Yes, we’re gonna continue that because that’s been the tradition,” Sol Aikau said. “All I’m gonna say is be ready to come down to the bay when you hear it.”

“Even if we have to have coconuts for trophies and you come down with a can of sardines, Uncle Clyde will feed you rice and we’ll have the event,” Clyde Aikau said. “It’s just a whole new road and a very exciting road, and the main thing is that the family wants to continue to carry on Eddie’s legacy and what he was all about.”

KHON2 will keep you posted on what happens with The Eddie.

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