Killer who stabbed 73-year-old woman remains on the run

The family of an elderly woman brutally murdered in Kunia is pleading for information to find her killer.

It’s been nearly three weeks since the 73-year-old woman was found beaten and stabbed on a farm lot off Kunia Road.

The victim’s loved ones told KHON2 they just want closure.

A family spokesman identified the victim as Sai Keamonivong. We’re told she came to Hawaii three years ago to help out her sister but she had a husband and kids back home in Laos.

A small memorial now sits inside a shed on the farm lot where Grandma Sai used to work – the same shed where family and friends honored her life earlier on Thursday.

“Her personality, everybody could get along with her, she was your typical grandma basically yea, you need help, she would always be there,” Lane Phongphila said.

Many in this farming community are still shaken by what happened three weeks ago when Grandma Sai was found brutally murdered not far from the shed.

“From what my uncle described to me, they broke her arms and the legs, they stabbed her multiple times,” Phongphila said. “Why? You know, why? Someone defenseless, why would you do such a thing?”

Phongphila spoke on behalf of the family and told KHON2 the weapon appeared to be a machete.

We’re also told money was taken from her in the attack.

“That money that she held onto her, was basically money she saved up to send to her husband and her kids,” he said.

Phongphila said there have been incidents of theft and people trespassing in the past but nothing ever this violent.

HPD said there aren’t any updates in their investigation and that has farmers who work out here scared for their own safety.

“All the farmers here, they’re terrified to even stay on their farm, to guard their property. At this point, we don’t know because again she had no connections with anybody other than close family and friends so for someone to brutally kill her like this, it just doesn’t make sense to us,” Phongphila said.

We’re told Grandma Sai’s ashes will be taken back to Laos. The family has this message for whoever is responsible.

“You can’t live your life knowing that you took someone’s mother, wife, someone’s sister, someone’s grandmother. Just turn yourself in,” Phongphila said.

The family is asking for anyone who may know something to come forward, no matter how big or small it may seem.

If you have any information, contact HPD.

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