Kealoha’s attorney sheds light on what court-appointed counsel will face

Louis and Katherine Kealoha

Can the Kealohas receive a fair trial?

Louis Kealoha’s attorney, Gary Modafferi, says yes with conditions.

“The question isn’t whether someone hadn’t heard of this case. Everybody has heard of this case. It’s whether or not they can set that aside, and presume both Kealohas innocent,” he said.

Chief Judge J. Michael Seabright plans to appoint new attorneys by next Monday or Tuesday.

The federal judge granted the power couple court-appointed attorneys because they can’t afford their current ones: Modafferi, Kevin Sumida, and Myles Breiner.

“Judge Seabright indicated during his comments from the bench he wants to go during 2018,” explained Modafferi, to which he says the new attorneys will “take on a case that will essentially be their career for the next, however long it takes to go to trial.”

Modafferi believes up to $2 million could be the cost to taxpayers to defend the Kealohas in their alleged corruption case.

“That is definitely within reason, yes,” he said.

The new attorneys will have a lot of catching up to do. Modafferi says the new attorneys will need to hire experts and investigators to handle the case, and those costs will add up.

“The government has had some of its best attorneys on this for what appears to be two years. The preparation for this trial should be commensurate with that effort,” he said.

Modafferi likened the workload to a 24-hour job. “That would be safe to say. You would end up eating and breathing this trial until it was resolved.”

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