Hawaii police officers get pay raises under new contract

Police officers across the state are getting a pay raise.

Members of the SHOPO (State of Hawaii Police Officers Union) board of directors gathered Friday to announce the contract that will be in place for the next four years.

“Today we are making it official. On behalf of the state board of directors to our members out there that they deserve it, and we’re happy 18 months later, we are finally here,” said SHOPO president Tenari Maafala.

The contract increases officers’ pay each of the next four years by 2 or 2.25 percent.

Along with pay raises, also in the contract is a firearm allowance, which goes up to $1,000 per year from the previous $500.

Maafala says SHOPO is happy with the outcome. “One that separates us from many other labor organizations, not within the first responders community, is that the decision we have to make a split-second decision many times to take a life or save a life,” he said.

Hawaii County legislators say the contract is fair and adds that there will be a meeting held in Honolulu to discuss funding.

Earlier this year, Hawaii County raised property taxes by six percent.

According to Hawaii County managing director Will Okabe, some of that money will go to pay officers’ salaries.

“This contract is very similar to all the contracts already negotiated previously this year,” he said.

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