Maui Humane Society seeks donations for animals in need

The Maui Humane Society needs your help in providing hope for animals in need like Kibo.

He was found on the side of the highway after being hit by a car.

He suffered fractures to his front and back leg and underwent surgeries to fix them.

The treatment cost thousands of dollars which was paid for by the humane society’s “hope fund.”

“For animals that need care above and beyond. There are a lot of animals that need help and by us doing the work here it takes care of their major problems and so it just makes them a lot more adoptable when people can adopt them they don’t have to address all these major issues they’re already taken care of and go on to live a happy life,” said Dr. Kim.

The Hope fund helped 180 animals last year.

The Maui Humane Society says it’s on track to help more this year.

With funds running low they’re hoping you can help by donating.

For more information, log onto


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