Alaska girl enjoys journey to ‘magical’ tree with Make-a-Wish Hawaii

A little girl with a vast imagination got her wish granted Tuesday.

Markella is a 6-year-old girl from Alaska who suffers from a mitochondrial metabolism disorder that leaves her feeling weak.

That didn’t stop her from living her dream.

Her family says Markella finds magic in the simple things, and loves anything whimsical.

“She’s a pretty magical kid and she really enjoys getting the most out of everything in life. A leaf is magical to her. A flower is magical to her,” explained her mother, Carmen Spiropoulos.

The most magical thing Markella wanted to see is the rainbow eucalyptus tree, so Make-a-Wish Hawaii made that happen.

The organization took Markella and her family on a treasure hunt through Foster Botanical Garden, where she discovered a wand and flower crown, and got to learn all about the rainbow eucalyptus tree.

“While millions upon millions of visitors grace our shores every year, it sometimes takes a special person like you to see the magic in our amazing plant life,” Nate Serota, spokesman for the city Department of Parks and Recreation, told Markella.

Markella was also given a wooden bowl made by park staff, and a framed message from Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

“She had her healthiest year last year, and I really think that was the anticipation of all this. There’s a lot to that,” Spiropoulos said.

Although Markella is from Alaska, Make-a-Wish Hawaii was instrumental in helping fulfilling her dream.

The organization makes wishes come true for more than 1,000 kids across the country who have Hawaii on their wish list, including more than 100 local keiki each year.

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